Email Server

Email Server

  • Automatic virus scanning and updates. All incoming e-mail is scanned for viruses before being forwarded to recipients.
  • Mail blocking by file type. Eliminate unwanted attachments and files saving on costly corporate resources such as people, hard drives and bandwidth.
  • Mail blocking by file type. Eliminate unwanted attachments and files saving on costly corporate resources such as people, hard drives and bandwidth.
The easy deployment of this solution has no dependencies on existing infrastructures and can be seamlessly incorporated into existing networks or installed from a zero base. Leased line VPNs are expensive to implement, maintain and support because of the need for special hardware, network ports capacity dependencies, software, skilled personnel and configuration.


E-mail archiving and retention is becoming more critical for companies of all sizes. The need for better governance around e-mail retention and compliance has resulted the need for robust e-mail archiving solutions to reduce business exposure and risk.With the growing dependency on e-mail communication it is critical that businesses retain full record of all e-mails coming in and out of an organisation.

All too often copies of e-mails are lost or deleted in error, purposefully or through hardware failure. This results in lost opportunities, productivity, legal record and knowledge, if such e-mails cannot be found when needed.

Although backup cycles form an important part of any organisation’s disciplines in ensuring data retention, they do not fully protect businesses against loss of e-mails in between the backup cycles.This means that in the event of e-mails being deleted or lost through failure in between the daily backup cycles, these e-mails will simply be lost and unrecoverable.

To complicate matters, in many instances companies retrieve mail to individual workstations resulting in companies’ mail being distributed across many workstations and devices which creates an almost impossible and resource intensive task of backing up such mail effectively.


The EasiWAN mail archiving offers a simple and cost effective solution to these challenges by providing the following product features:

  • Automatic copy of in or outbound e-mail stored on off-site cloud based archive server
  • Archiving occurs in the background without user intervention
  • Retention of all mail records for 5 years and beyond
  • Secure web based access to client’s mail archive based on user’s role
  • Detailed search and retrieve / resend function
  • Mail integrity
  • Mail restore and recovery
  • Import and export function


  • Preserve vital company knowledge. Ensures that your company email archives remain intact over the long-term.
  • Access email information with ease. Ultra-fast search engine enables you to accurately and efficiently search through years of email data.
  • Improve user productivity. There is no need for employees to waste time looking for old emails. Users can find the emails they are looking for at the click of a button.
  • Monitor and audit employee communications. Department heads can ensure that their employees are communicating effectively with one another and their customers.
  • Comply with email compliance legislation. Provides all the tools needed to ensure that your organization complies with US and EU email archiving legislation (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley Act).
  • Enhance mail server performance. When company emails are stored in a long-term archive, older emails can be safely deleted from the mail server, thereby freeing up precious mail server resources.
  • Reduce legal exposure. Most firms will eventually be involved in a legal action of some sort. A technical inability to produce emails that the court has required is no longer an acceptable legal defense.
  • Lower storage costs. De-duplication and compression technology can reduce your storage costs by up to 60%.
  • Low cost solution. Priced cost effectively on a per mailbox basis.
  • Highly scalable. Capable of archiving over 150 email/sec on a standard server and is designed to deal with terabytes of data.
  • Rock solid reliability. Offers uninterrupted and reliable operation. It is trusted by thousands of businesses to safely archive and retain their emails over the long term.

We provide the following key functions

  • Secure VPN branch connectivity over ADSL (ADSL VPN) or any other broadband technology such as 3G or iBurst
  • Bandwidth management and traffic prioritisation
  • Dedicated Internet access
  • Internet proxy server access
  • E-mail server
  • Internet and Intranet firewall
  • Virus protection for e-mail and Internet downloads
  • Detailed usage reporting on all the above services