Broadband VPN

Broadband VPN

The EasiWAN offering is an integrated all-in-one solution provides for all connectivity needs over broadband including firewalling, Internet, encrypted VPN, traffic shaping, automated branch fail over via 3G HSDPA and other wireless technology in event of line failure, service management and reporting.

Furthermore the proposed solution is not limited to any single ISPs infrastructure and ensures seamless integration between various infrastructures for maximum network throughput and redundancy. Each offering and implenentation can be customised to the customers’ exact requirements.

The result is a consolidated, fully managed solution with maximum bandwidth throughput whilst reducing operational Wide Area Network costs. This solution is secure, easy and quick to deploy.

  • Reduced data traffic over ADSL lines.Improved protection of your corporate IT platform against outages due to Denial of Service attacks, viruses and malicious worms. This results in increased uptime and productivity
  • Secure VPN branch connectivity over ADSL and other broadband
  • VPN data compression
  • Traffic shaping and bandwidth management
  • Dedicated Internet access.
  • Internet and Intranet firewall
  • Detailed usage reporting on all the above services
  • Automated node status monitoring and notification via e-mail
  • Automated service availability reporting
  • Hardware and software maintenance included in router rental
  • Other broadband VPN connectivity methods available via 3G, I-Burst using the ADSL routers solution. No need for additional AAA servers, VRAS servers, router or additional data lines and infrastructure
  • Dynamic VPN backup via wireless or wired paths
  • Managed services with detailed diagnostic support.

We provide the following key functions

  • Secure VPN branch connectivity over ADSL (ADSL VPN) or any other broadband technology such as 3G or iBurst
  • Bandwidth management and traffic prioritisation
  • Dedicated Internet access
  • Internet proxy server access
  • E-mail server
  • Internet and Intranet firewall
  • Virus protection for e-mail and Internet downloads
  • Detailed usage reporting on all the above services