EasiWAN has been researching and providing broadband VPN solutions since 2003 when broadband became available to the South African market. We were the first to provide reliable, robust, commercially viable ADSL VPN solutions to the South African corporate market and have shown that these solutions are a feasible and reliable alternative to the traditional VPN markets, at greatly reduced costs.

Over the past seven years we have successfully migrated and implemented connectivity for several large corporate customers in mission critical environments, including customers operating in excess of 180 branch offices in the financial services and automotive industries.

We are currently providing services to over 3 000 end points around South Africa.

With the emergence of new wireless broadband technologies such as Microwave, 3G HSDPA and other wireless technologies, EasiWAN has ensured that seamless integration of all broadband technologies is provided for in our products, in order for our customers to obtain maximum benefits, redundancy and mobility across the entire broadband spectrum.

We have a proven track record of providing broadband solutions to corporate customers by specializing and focusing on our core market of broadband-based solutions.

We provide the following key functions

  • Secure VPN branch connectivity over ADSL (ADSL VPN) or any other broadband technology such as 3G or iBurst
  • Bandwidth management and traffic prioritisation
  • Dedicated Internet access
  • Internet proxy server access
  • E-mail server
  • Internet and Intranet firewall
  • Virus protection for e-mail and Internet downloads
  • Detailed usage reporting on all the above services